Our advanced ecommerce customer analytics and tracking software allows you to identify customer behaviours. Also who is new and who is exisiting. We are also able to categorize your customers for you to understand what type of customers you are attracting and what their likelyhood is for purchasing again.

If you want to track who is visiting your site, what frequency together with demographical information then we can help. Our software and services will give you the digital insights you need to successfully manage and develop your business. With our partner APTANIA we are a trusted reseller within the United Kingdom and can ensure you get the very best out the platform.

eCommerce analytics and customer tracking in one central location is important for data integrity. Withou it you can end up with siloed systems and data. This leads to issues when scaling your business and can be difficualt and time consuming to manage. Also from a security and GDPR perspective housing your customer information within different systems can make it hard to be compliant.

ecommerce analytics customer tracking